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    K3b may not be installed on your Linux system by default. For Fedora, install K3b by typing yum install k3b as root user from a Terminal window.

    3. From the K3b window, select Tools Burn CD ISO Image to burn a CD image or Tools Burn DVD ISO Image to burn a DVD image. You are asked to choose an image file.

    4. Browse to the image you just downloaded or copied to hard disk and select it. Once the image you want is selected, the Burn CD Image window appears, as does a checksum on the image. (Often, you can compare the checksum number that appears against the number in an md5 file from the download directory where you got the live CD to be sure that the CD image was not corrupted.) Figure A-1 shows the Burn CD Image window ready to burn an image of Damn Small Linux.

    5. Insert a blank CD into the CD burner drive, which may be a combination with your DVD drive. (If a CD/DVD Creator window pops up, you can just close it.)

    6. Check the settings in the Burn CD Image window (often the defaults are fine, but you may want to slow down the speed if you get some bad burns). You can also select the Simulate check box to test the burn before actually writing to the CD. Click Start to continue.

    7. When the CD is done burning, eject it (or it may eject automatically) and mark it appro- priately (information such as the distribution name, version number, and date).

    Now you're ready to begin installing (or booting) the Linux distribution you just burned. Refer to Chapter 7 for general information on installing Linux. Then go to the chapter that covers your particular distribution to find its specific installation procedure. If you don't have Linux installed or K3b available at the moment, you can burn CDs from any CD-burning application you have available. There's a nice overview of CD installation tools and how to use them to burn CDs at the Gentoo Web site (www·gentoo·org/doc/en/faq·xml). It describes disk-burning tools that are available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

    The continuation/full version of this article read on site - Linux Bible

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